Online Product Warranty Registration

Please read the following Product Warranty and understand and accept all terms to continue the registration process.

Product Warranty

The products represented by ACE (Int'l) Co., Ltd. are excellent products and undergo strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. The company guarantees to the user that the product has good performance and complete mechanical parts, and free warranty service will be provided in accordance with this Warranty.

The warranty card has two counterparts in which the user must fill by using regular script Chinese. The user shall send one counterpart back to the company or handle the online registration within 30 days after purchase for the entry into force of the warranty card. This warranty card and purchase invoice must be presented as proof for the warranty service. The warranty terms are as follows:

I) Within one year of the warranty period as of the date of the purchase (except for the products or parts listed below), if the machine is damaged or suffers malfunctions, free repair and parts replacement will be provided upon confirmation by the technicians of the company that such damages or malfunctions are not be caused by mis-operation.

II) For some products or parts, the warranty period is as follows:

  1. The following parts are consumables or wearing parts with only a three-month warranty period available:
    • Voice coil and diaphragm of the microphone
    • Voice coil and diaphragm of the speaker unit
    • Light bulbs, reflective lenses and related glass accessories
  2. The US CROWN Amplifier can enjoy a three-year free warranty.

III) Under the following circumstances, the company will not give any repairs and support to the products:

  1. Products not represented by the company
  2. Fake (smuggled) products
  3. Products with no Serial Number, and/or the Serial Number is altered, destroyed, converted and not displayed in our sales records.

IV) This warranty card will automatically become invalid in the following cases:

  1. The product has been burned out due to incorrect operation and inadvertent use, such as overload or feedback;
  2. The product was broken due to careless handling;
  3. Malfunctions caused by poor environmental factors, such as excessive input voltage, damp, etc.;
  4. Damage caused by accidents such as natural disasters and man-made disasters;
  5. The product has been repaired or modified by a technician not from the company;
  6. The product is not installed in accordance with the installation instructions provided by the original manufacturer.

V) The company's warranty and repair services are limited to those conducted in the company's repair center. For out-call warranty or repair services, all travel expenses (including fares, train fares, airfare, accommodation, meals, etc.) shall be paid by the user.

VI) The Company will not be responsible for any losses incurred directly or indirectly due to equipment damage.

VII) For products that exceed the warranty period, the company will charge a reasonable fee for providing repair services.

VIII) This warranty service is only valid in China.

IX) The company reserves the right to modify the terms without prior notice to the customer.

Important Statement - About Warranty Card

This warranty card is numbered with a stripe code. Before the goods are shipped out, the company will use the computer to record [warranty card number stripe code] and [product model and serial number]. The user must fill in the correct serial number in the warranty card. If the information on the warranty card does not match the company's computer records, the company has the right to refuse to provide repair services.

Important Statement - About PanPass Anti-Counterfeiting Label

Working Principle:

  • Behind the coating is a set of [Random] [Non-sequential] [Numerical digit] numbers.
  • In the computer file of the PanPass anti-counterfeiting agency, a large quantity of numbers is stored, and each set of numbers corresponds to different brands and different products. Because the number is [Random] and [Non-sequential], the counterfeiter cannot know the law of the number. If some numbers are randomly printed on the fake sticker, the user will be immediately informed of [Fake Number] or [Mismatched Product].
  • Each set of number can only be used once. Once the number is queried, the data stored on the computer will automatically disappear, and the counterfeiter cannot reuse a set of number in the genuine product.

Verification method:

  1. Carefully scrape off the coating of the anti-counterfeit label.
  2. Make sure that the security code is printed after scrape off.
  3. Please call 8008103155 or 010-64440315 and follow the instructions to enter [Security Code]. The computer will confirm by voice that you have purchased [Genuine Product] or [Fake Product].
  4. If 010-64440315 cannot be connected, please try to join the area code of the nearby area, for example: Beijing - 010 64440315, Guangzhou - 020 64440315, Shanghai - 021, Nanjing - 025, Wuhan - 027, Chengdu - 028, Xi'an - 029, Xiamen - 0592....and so on.

If you find that the purchased product is not confirmed as genuine, please contact the company's Maintenance Point, and the company will assist in confirming the authenticity. If you are unfortunate enough to buy counterfeit goods, the company is willing to assist in complaining to the relevant authorities in order to bring the lawless to justice.

I/We understand and accept all product warranty terms.